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MGP Exhaust & Rear Sets Replacement Parts

4.00 out of 5 based on 7 customer ratings
(7 customer reviews)


MGP Replacement parts and DB Killers:

  • Original DB KIller only fits the Original Carbon Growler canister only. 
  • Internal DB Killer fits all MGP Exhausts Stinger and Growlers and fits between the canister and mid-pipe with no hardware.
  • Replacement canisters do not include any hardware, springs or straps
  • All Canisters have an inlet inside diameter of 54mm


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The MGP growler makes your bike sound like a beast with a high quality carbon fiber canister. Sometimes though you need to tame that beast for annoying neighbors or meet special decibel requirements for particular race tracks during track day events. This easy to install additional baffle makes a snap to use and remove anytime you want.

*Original DB KIller only fits Original Carbon Growler canister Best. Always use thread lock to ensure you don’t lose the part.

** Internal DB Killer fits MGP Stinger and fits between the canister facing into the mid-pipe.


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7 reviews for MGP Exhaust & Rear Sets Replacement Parts

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  1. Ron Lindley

    I love the look of the mgp on my 250 but it sounds too loud for me, this was the perfect compromise that made me love the pipe

  2. Jacob Y (verified owner)

    It makes the bike sound so much better, as the MGP stock is obnoxiously loud. Its a must have, it sounds beautiful with the db killer in, and much deeper. HOWEVER, it is a massive pain to install. The first time, when I installed it as per instructions, it fell out a month later. Thread lock is required.

  3. Josh McCarthy (verified owner)

    Got this to add to the MGP on my 2014 Ninja 300. The MGP by itself is good around town but is way to loud for the freeways and interstates and also on longer rides. This baffle was pretty easy to install too. It required drilling a 1/8 inch (if i remember correctly) hole at the bottom of the exhaust for the bolt to go through that secures the baffle in place. The baffles bolt is a 3mm hex that is easy to tighten. I also used Loctite to make sure the bolt stays in place. The baffle is also very easy to remove as well, just takeout the bolt and 30 seconds later its out. Vice Versa to replace. The throatiness is still there while maintaining a noise level slightly louder than that of the stock exhaust. Good deal and much needed.

  4. Mike D.

    I myself own a MGP Exhaust for my Honda CBR 300R and that thing is too too too LOUD, it sound like I am on a race track and when I pass people on the freeway here in Houston they give me this evil look like they just want to run me off the road because its too loud! I really need to purchase this DB Killer to quiet down the noise Level because I want to ride on the freeway sometimes!

  5. Roger Davis

    Mike – Sorry to hear it’s too loud for you. We agree the Single cylinder motors with an open slip-on like ours are much louder than stock! The good news is we sell a “DB Killer” that works well with the Original CF canisters. Hope that helps quiet your ride!

  6. Mike Allen

    I installed the cf canister on my 2017 Ducati 1200 monster. The fit and finish are great. Love the sound, but I’ll probably buy a DB killer for long trips. But I do have one problem, the band that goes around the canister broke and I couldn’t find a parts break down on the website.

  7. Roger Davis

    Dear Mike – Please email rick@hotbodiesracing.com and we’ll be happy to supply a replacement strap. Hope that helps!

  8. Austin H (verified owner)

    Not exactly sure what rating to give here. MPG Stinger is embarrassingly loud but has a snarly mean sound that I very much love. The DB killer seems like the perfect solution and a well made product but I found installation unclear. Mine did not come with instructions, believe me I looked, and the best I could find was the description above “Internal DB Killer fits MGP Stinger and fits between the canister facing into the mid-pipe.”. “Between the canister and mid pipe” is clear enough but its not obvious to me which side is the “face”. Moreover either direction I try to install it the lip of the db killer itself is too large for the canister to slip on afterwards. My intuition is to grind it down to fit but I’m not too eager to take a grinder to a piece that sounds like its supposed to fit out of the box.

  9. Roger Davis (verified owner)

    Thnaks for the feedback. The internal DB Killer should wedge in very tight, give it a knock in with rubber hammer!

  10. Christopher Sharrock (verified owner)

    Put DB on new canister style it quiet it down. easy to install perfect sound.2018 Ducati Monster 821. No check engine light runs perfect servo still works.A++++

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Original Growler DB Killer, Internal DB Killer for New Style Canisters, Replacement Orginal Carbon Growler Canister, Replacement New Style Carbon Growler Canister, Replacement Stainless Steel Growler Canister, Replacement Stinger Canister, Replacement Growler Exhaust Strap, Replacement Stinger Exhaust Strap, Replacement Long Spring, Replacement Short Spring, Heavy Duty Strap with Rubber, $15 Rearset Part, $25 Rearset Part, Black Foot peg w/ red spacer & Bolt, Gold Foot peg w/ red spacer & Bolt, Black toe peg & Bolt, gold toe peg & Bolt