When Hotbodies Racing was called upon to be apart of a race bike build, we took it upon ourselves to flex our creative muscle and go beyond everyone’s imagination. The project involved taking a 2017 Suzuki SV650 and preparing it for road racing. Since there are no bodywork panels on this bike most manufactures would typically graft GSX-R bodywork onto the bike some how to make it race legal and call it a day.


roger_shoot-178This opportunity posed the question “what if” we could take this great entry-level lightweight twin and make it look like a factory MotoGP racer. The inspiration and opportunity was much to inviting to pass up. Taking a motorcycle and creating body panels from scratch is no small feat and it would take some highly skilled efforts to make it possible. With great vision and devoted attention to detail the SV-“R” was brought to fruition. The SV-R bodywork is inspired by the Suzuki MotoGP GSX-RR and shares some of the same beautiful characteristics such as the front ram air scoop and the side panel vents.


roger_shoot-189The SV-R650 bodywork set is available now for anyone who is inspired by racing and is ready to take his or her SV to the next level. The four-harness fiberglass construction is reinforced with Kevlar at the mounting points. Each kit is finished with automotive grade primer or you can order the MotoGP inspired paint scheme.

Also available is the complimenting MGP exhaust, rear sets, and levers to complete the total race package.







Race Bodywork Set $699.95 – $2,000
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MGP Exhaust  $259.95 – $329.95
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MGP Rear Sets $339.95
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MGP Levers $149.95 (pair)
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