Norton Racing Yamaha YZF-R3 2015-23 Superbike Velocity Stack (single velocity stack only, purchase qty 2 or ..

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Norton Racing Superbike Velocity Stacks

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After countless hours of dyno testing, our Superbike Velocity Stack setup is ready. The good news is that our system utilizes one of the OEM velocity stacks (the shorter one), so you only need to purchase a single new velocity stack. Price listed is for one single velocity stack. The OEM Airbox in the Yamaha R3 contains two different length velocity stacks, a long one and a short one. This kit is for one of our custom length Superbike Velocity Stacks to be paired with the shorter OEM velocity stack and used with a modified OEM airbox. To install this Velocity stack, remove the longer OEM one and replace it with this one. The performance difference with the Superbike Velocity Stacks compared to the stock setup is dramatic. For maximum performance, it is recommended to pair this setup with our Race Spec ECU flash tuned specifically for the velocity stack and modified airbox. We have retuned each cylinder to the new Velocity stack lengths. Here?s a dyno comparison with a stock motor and stock airbox vs. modified airbox with Norton Racing velocity stack correctly paired with the shorter OEM velocity stack and tuned only with our matching ECU flash:

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