NORTON RACING NINJA 400 2018 – 23 Race Spec Throttle Kit

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Norton Racing Race Spec Quick-Turn Throttle Kit – Kawasaki Ninja 400

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The Norton Racing Race Spec Throttle Kit is the result of testing all of the different throttle options on the market and still wanting more… The other kits are great, but the new Norton Racing kit offers the largest range of adjustment available and it is designed specifically for the Kawasaki Ninja 400, not an entire range of different bikes. It comes with 3 different lobed cams that offer 3 different turn ranges for your throttle so you can get it the way you like it. The longest throw cam offers a throw length that is slightly shorter than stock. The medium throw cam offers a throw length similar to other throttles on the market like the Motion Pro. And the shortest throw cam is shorter than anything else available, because let’s face it, on a 48 HP motorcycle, it’s nice to be able to get all 48 HP without twisting your whole arm around. The throttle housing used in this kit is custom made for us by Domino Italy, and is top shelf. The cast aluminum housing features a pulley and bushing for the smoothest throttle pull available for the Ninja 400. The throttle tube is billet machined aluminum with Delrin bushings for the smoothest twist on the handle bars. Stop trying to decide which throttle is right for you, this one tops them all. As some of you have probably figured out, when you cut the throttle throw in half, the force needed to twist it doubles. This starts to become annoying with a really short throttle throw, and often will cause grip to start to twist as you pull hard on the throttle. This kit will work with the OEM throttle return spring, but we highly recommend using our Norton Racing soft pull throttle return spring for a much softer, smoother throttle action. This throttle is compatible with aftermarket radial master cylinders such as the Brembo RCS14. *This throttle kit is not legal for MotoAmerica Junior Cup. We recommend using the Motion Pro Rev2 Throttle Kit for all Junior Cup bikes. *You will need to replace the start/kill switch when you install the Norton Racing Race Spec Throttle Kit on your Kawasaki Ninja 400 because the OEM start/kill switch is part of the throttle housing. *This kit is for closed course use only.

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