Ninja 400 2018-23 DRIVEN Mantis Kits


Product highlights:

  • The Mantis display unit houses a glare-free liquid crystal display
  • a processor capable of converting raw data from the thermal sensor into valuable human-readable information, in real time.
  • Programmable alerts can be easily set
  • useful in alerting the rider when his/her tire temperatures exceed the desired range.


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The Mantis Infrared Temperature Sensor by DRIVEN Racing. The Mantis non-contact infrared sensor utilizes a 17 bit analog to digital converter and a powerful digital signal processing unit. With a resolution of 0.02°C, the Mantis sensor is a highly precise measuring instrument. A proprietary lens serves to create a wide-angle field of view for the sensor to observe infrared radiation emitted from the tires surface. Additionally, the lens protects the sensor from being damaged by road debris. Encapsulating the senors electronic component assembly is a durable injection-molded polycarbonate housing.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 3 in
Set or Component

Mantis IR Tire Temperature Sensor Kit, LCD Display Unit, Sensor Stand, Front Sensor, Rear Sensor, Front Sensor Cable, Rear Sensor Cable, Battery Cable, Display Bracket, Display Bracket Suction Cups Kit (3 pack), Glue Adhesive, Zip Ties (6pack)